Best YouTube Download Manager

Free YouTube download manager saves any YouTube video, channel or playlist fast & safely. Download manager grabs videos in MP4, FLV, MP3, WebM, MKV, 3G for offline playback. Full HD video support. Flexible settings. Select download in the background or at turbo-speed. 100% FREE! Get files with desired quality automatically. Most trusted YouTube download manager with over 100 million users!
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Quick summary:
1. Get Free downloader manager YouTube
2. Copy a video URL for YouTube manager
3. Paste a link in freeware
4. Select an output file format
5. Save a YouTube video

Here’s how to download YouTube videos with manager:


Install Free downloader manager YouTube

Get here download manager for YouTube. Follow download master wizard to install manager for YouTube successfully. Launch the free software on your PC. It’s recommended to keep the default settings.
The supported operating systems are Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Windows Vista.

Copy a video URL for YouTube manager

Go to YouTube and find any content you want to grab. It can be anything you want: a popular Charli XCX single, a Boyz II Men cover, a "if Google Was a Guy" parody, or a big ultra HD HDR movie. Just play media in your browser and copy the its link to your clipboard.

Paste link in freeware

Now open YouTube download manager (or YDM) and click the "Paste URL" button at the top of the freeware window. Using our Free download manager, you can also extract several files in bulk. If you want to do it, please copy and paste a list of links in the manager for YouTube download.

Select output file format

On the next window of manager of downloads, please select a necessary quality and file extension. For example, you can pick “Only download” option with 3GP 140p file to get your digital media faster. Or you can prefer another version – MP4 1440p to watch on TV in high definition. Besides, you can encode your file to WMV, MP3 or MKV with free download manager.

Save online video

The next step is to find the most suitable destination folder. By default, download manager program saves files to Videos folder. And don’t forget to name your file. When you’re done, click the central blue button to save online content. If you plan to grab long videos, please make sure there is enough free space on your hard drive.