Embed YouTube video on website

Install free WordPress plugin

Install Freemake Slider on your WordPress website or blog. Find and click the "Add a new Slider" button. Select "Add YouTube" or "Add YouTube Playlist" option. Please note that you’ll have to get a YouTube API key to embed YouTube playlist on your blog.

Customize your video gallery

Now choose a style for your YouTube gallery. Select "Choose style" and check the available skins. After that go to the "Adjust" tab and choose the settings for your gallery. Set bullet image, arrows style, width/height, etc. You may skip this step and leave the settings as they are.

Embed YouTube video in WordPress

Preview your gallery. When you are done, click the "Save & Publish". Copy the html shortcode and paste into the code of your site where you want the gallery to appear. You can also embed photo gallery on website with our plugin.