Create & Embed HTML5 Videos for Free

Step 1. Add a video

Browse for the video you'd like to convert to HTML5 formats and embed to your site or blog. Use the "+Video" or just drag and drop files to the software main window.
Read this page to learn about other video converter features.

Step 2. Convert to HTML5 video

Hit the button "to HTML5" and choose a resolution for the output video. Press "Convert". You'll get 3 video files and HTML page with the embed code in the folder named after your input video file.

Step 3. Embed HTML5 video

Follow the guide "How to embed video to your web page" opened in your browser after the conversion is complete. With Freemake Video Converter you can also embed video on a site in Flash absolutely free.
Use free Freemake Slider to insert multimedia content on a WordPress blog or website.